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E497R EXP. digital I/O

PC/104 Digital I/O Module

Main Features

  • 48 I/O TTL Channels Configuration
  • 16 Hi-Current Outputs + 16 Optoinsulated Inputs
  • PC/104 expansion: 8-bit standard 64 pins
  • Dimensions: 90*96 mm (3.6"x3.8")


The E497R is a PC/104-format digital I/O module available in two configurations: 48 I/O TTL channels and 16 High-Current Outputs and 16 Optoinsulated Inputs. Both configurations contain two 82C55 ICs, each having three 8-bits software configurable I/O ports. Each 82C55 has its own 50-pin I/O header for external connections. The ports direction can be selected by programming control registers built into the 82C55 chip. The I/O headers are organized to allow direct interfacing to OPTO-22 standard.


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