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ADDI-DATA GmbH is based near Baden-Baden in Germany and with worldwide presence. Since 1984 the company has been developing high-tech solutions for industrial measurement and automation. It stands for quality, reliability, long-term availability and service.
ADDI-DATA provides solutions worldwide in numerous industrial areas like automotive and metal industry, engine building industry, tailor-made machinery, aircraft and chemicals industry, etc. They are used for quality control, process control, signal switching, data acquisition, motion control or position acquisition.


MSX-ilog data loggers are used for continual data acquisition and storage over longer periods of time. Diverse physical measurements can be captured and shown in three different display modes. Data storage and visualisation take place parallel to one another. The MSX-ilog data loggers are configured over a web-based user interface in a standard browser. Hence, each measurement application can be operated quickly and easily without the need for additional programming.


  • Many signal types: temperature, humidity, pressure etc.
  • Visualisation: Live or recorded data using a curve diagram, display of value or level
  • Alarm and export function (.xls, .csv)
  • Ethernet-based solutions
  • Stand-alone operating possible
  • IP 65, QQ-40 °C/+85 °C

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ADDI-DATA offers two real-time open source PAC systems for real-time distributed measurement, control and regulation tasks. Their functionality are defined through the addition of PCI or Compact PCI-boards.

PAC systems with MSX-Box:

The MSX-Box is an open Programmable Automation Controller system (PAC). It has been specially developed for industrial measurement, control and automation applications in real time where processes have to be carried out within a defined time.


  • Versions for PCI and Compact-PCI is available.
  • Various sensors can be acquired: temperature, pressure etc.
  • Field bus interfaces: CAN, Profibus.
  • Open source operating system: no update obligations
  • Licence-free.


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The intelligent Ethernet systems of the MSX-E series are especially suited for industrial measurement, control and regulation tasks very close to the test item. In order to cope with daily stresses and strains such as current peaks, dirt or extended temperatures, the systems are mounted in robust metal housings and comply with the degree of protection IP 65/IP 40. They can be used in the temperature range of - 40 °C/ + 85 °C and are equipped with numerous protection circuitries. The systems can be freely cascaded and synchronised in the μs range.

  • IP 65, QQ-40 °C/+85 °C
  • Various sensor data can be acquired: temperature, pressure etc.
  • Robust metal housings
  • Export to databases without programming knowledge
  • Stand-alone operating possible

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Real-time Ethernet solutions are becoming more and more popular in automation technology. One reason for this may be that these systems are able to replace field buses and therefore require only one computer network. In this way, real-time Ethernet solutions help optimizing processes between the production level and the IT level.

ADDI-DATA offers I/O slave systems for:
·  EtherCAT: systems of the EC-ARTS series
·  ProfiNet: systems of the PN-ARTS series
·  VARAN: systems of the V-ARTS series



The fast implementation of the PCI Express bus leads to an increasing demand for PCI Express boards. ADDI-DATA now responds with the first PCI Express boards for use in industrial environment.
Rely on the new standard and continue to benefit from products which meet your high safety and performance requirements.

All PCI Express boards with FPGA components :

 Digital /Relay / Counter



 APCIe-1532 (-12V)















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ADDI-DATA offers a wide range of PCI boards, which are especially designed for the reliable use in harsh industrial environments. The measurement boards are equipped with a lot of protective features, such as protection against short circuits and overvoltage, optical isolation, input and output filters, etc.
All PCI boards with FPGA components :




APCI-1564 (_3,3V) (-5V)



 APCI-2200 (-8-8 3,3V)

 APCI-3110 / APCI-3116



 APCI-3010 / APCI-3016












 APCI-3504 (C)






 APCI-3600 (-L)



Digital input/output board, 32 I/O channels, with optical isolation, 24 V, for PC/104-Plus
The board PC104-PLUS1500 is a digital input/output board (24 V) for use in PC/104-Plus systems.
The input channels correspond to the industrial standard +24 V for "logic 1" for the direct connection to SPS-controls. The 16 optically isolated inputs and outputs are protected against fast transients, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI. These characteristics allow the user to realize interference-free tasks in the industrial PC measurement and control.

  • 16 digital inputs, 24 V, isolated, including 2 interuptible inputs
  • 16 digital outputs, 24 V, isolated, 11 V to 36 V
  • Output current150 mA for each channel
  • Optical isolation 1000 V
  • Input and output filters
  • Creeping distance IEC 61010-1 (VDE4111-1)
  • Watchdog for resetting the outputs on "0" (when Power-On)
  • Timer
  • Counter 
  • Protection against fast transients (burst), overvoltage, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI

If your applications are subject to vibrations, high temperatures and extremely severe industrial conditions, you have to rely on the robustness, reliability and modularity of the CompactPCI systems.  ADDI-DATA offers pertinent plug-in boards for recording digital and analog signals, for counting application and axis control as well as serial interfaces.  These are particularly suitable for applications in the field of measurement, control, regulation, automation and  telecommunications.

All CompactPCI boards with FPGA components :



 CPCI-1710 / 1711    








  • Measurement data stored in databases
  • Standard Ethernet for easy integration
  • Easy to use: no programming needed
  • Processing of measurement data
  • Filtering of measurement values
  • Easy parameterising MSX-E systems via website
  • Ideal addition to the MSX-E systems as interface between filed and IT levels
  • Data transfer via standard Ethernet
  • Raw data is converted into real values