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Company Profile
Arlon, a division of Handy & Harman Ltd., has been a leader in silicone rubber and silicone adhesive technologies since 1954. Silicone rubber is a unique elastomer that delivers high performance electrical insulation in low temperature and high temperature environments. We focus on precision-calendered silicone rubber coated fabric sheets and specialty extruded silicone rubber tapes. Arlon offers the highest performance reinforced silicone solutions in a broad range of products from thermal insulation pads and molded heat shields for aircraft, aerospace, and automotive applications to substrates for flame retardant flexible heaters, ducting, and motor coil insulation. 

  By specializing exclusively in silicone, we have developed unmatched technical competence. Our development team can custom design materials and processes from the ground up for the most demanding and complex requirements. The Quality Management System used by Arlon is certified to ISO9001:2008 quality assurance standards.
  Arlon pursues the most rigorous quality standards and controls. The Quality Management System used by Arlon is certified to the ISO9001:2008 quality assurance standard.
ISO 9001:2000     

Arlon Silicone Product Lines

  Arlon develops and manufactures specialty silicone compounds, components, and coated fabrics for a variety of applications and industries. We deliver high quality standard silicone solutions in the following product areas.
Coil Insulation
Arlon is the leading provider of silicone motor coil insulation materials. Our products, field tested for over 50 years, provide excellent electrical insulation, even in the most challenging operating conditions. You can count on Arlon for all of your coil insulation needs. 
•Temperature Resistant
•Dielectric Performance
•Ozone & Weather Resistant
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Self-Fusing Tape (Check out Arlon SFT!!!!)
  Arlon and MOX-Tape® silicone tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber. They bond irreversibly to provide an insulative barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone and corona over a wide temperature range (-65oF up to +500oF). Our products provide superior electrical insulation with a dielectric strength of 300 VPM minimum at 356oF/180oC.
•Temperature Resistant
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Flexible Heater Substrates
Introducing InsilThin™ - Thin Profile Thermal Insulation compatible with Arlon Flexible Heater Substrates
Arlon has introduced a next generation flexible heater compound, 427CR. This UL-recognized compound delivers best in class thermal stability performance.
The use of thin, flexible silicone rubber/fiberglass fabric composite materials is the standard for high temperature heaters. Arlon manufactures a full line of UL recognized thermally stable silicone rubber/fiberglass fabric composites for use as insulation for flexible heaters. We also offer resistive foil composites, such as Alloy 600/silicone, eliminating the bonding step. Arlon's silicone rubber composites operate reliably and offer long life in both wire wound and etched foil heater applications.
•UL Recognized   •Flame Retardant
•Broad Temperature Range
•Dielectric Performance
•Ozone, Weather & Chemical Resistant
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Electronic Adhesives: Thermabond®
 Thermal management of electronic systems is critical to robust design. Printed circuit boards used in aerospace and automotive electronic assemblies operate in demanding environments with exposure to low temperatures, high temperatures, and vibration.
Our Thermabond® electronic adhesives are a unique class of elastomeric thermal interface materials that provide thermal-mechanical stress decoupling and a reliable heat transfer path. With Thermabond®, adjoining components move freely during operation -- preventing stress build-up created by CTE mismatch. Thermabond® is available in a range of thermal conductivities, including an electrically conductive line for ground plane continuity, ESD grounding, and EMI shielding, and RF shielding.
•Thermally Conductive
•Exceptional Shear Modulus & Strength
•Low Temperature Cure
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UltraPad™ Press Pads
The Arlon UltraPad™ press pads are a family of high performance, fiberglass reinforced, silicone sheets designed for flex and rigid-flex circuitry lamination. UltraPad press pads provide excellent pressure uniformity with unparalleled consistency and longevity throughout their service life. UltraPad press pads are the most cost effective press pad solution across a wide range of process pressures and temperatures.
•No Shedding
•Uniform Cushioning
•Dimensionally Stable
 •Uniform Heat Rise
•Long Life

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Thermavac® Silicone Vacuum Bag Materials

Arlon develops and manufactures high quality silicone vacuum bag materials for the construction of reusable vacuum bags. Thermavac® silicone bagging materials can be used in resin infusion and pre-preg moulding and curing operations.

•High Conformability
•High Temperature
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Hose and Duct Substrates 
Silquench®: Highly Flame Resistant Hose and Duct Substrate 
Arlon develops and manufactures high quality hose and duct substrates for a number of applications.
•Highly Flame Resistant
•Low Smoke Density 
•Low Smoke Toxicity 
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Aerospace & Defense Applications of Arlon Silicone Technologies
    • Many of Arlon's materials meet the requirements of FAR 25.853

    • Arlon has experience in high altitude airship programs where low temperature flexibility is critical.

    • Thermabond® Performance Adhesives for Electronics are frequently used where extreme temperature cycling requires stress decoupling of materials expanding and contracting at different rates.

Automotive Applications of Arlon Silicone Technologies
    • The temperature cycling experienced in automotive applications is the reason electronics manufacturers use Thermabond® Performance Adhesives for Electronics.

    • High temperature flexible hoses and ducts.

    • Heat shields.
Industrial Applications of Arlon Silicone Technologies

  • Arlon is involved in Composites Manufacturing with Reusable Vacuum Bag Material.

    • Silicone rubber provides some of the most reliable high voltage motor insulation for Electric Motors, power generation, and electrical distribution applications.

    • Arlon's Flexible Heater Substrates are ultimately used in process heating for the semiconductor and petrochemical industries.