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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
Embedded Electronics

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Board Design Solutions

SLN offers board design solutions to the industry verticals SLN is serving and in particular to semiconductor design/manufacturing customers. It ranges from FPGA Boards to test RTL, Application Engineering Test boards for testing IC prototypes, EVMs (Evaluation modules) and reference boards.

SLN offers total end to end solutions from specification to tested final board which includes circuit design, PCB design, PCB fabrication, components procurement, Component assembly and testing.

We provide complete manufacturing documents suitable for EMS companies for Volume production.

Board Design Solutions Expertise

  1. Total solution from specification to final board     (Circuit design, CAD, PCB, Components Procurement,   Assembly and testing).
  2.   High speed board design as per customers’ requirements.
  3.   Designs meeting various industry standards.
  4.   8/16/32 Bit Micro controllers / Micro Processors / DSP/   FPGA/ CPLD/ PowerPC based boards.
  5.   Bus architectures - PCI, cPCI, VME.
  6.   Analog, Digital and Mixed signal designs.
  7.   Up to 16 layer PCBs.
  8.   Commercial, Industrial, and MIL grade (conduction cooled)    boards.
  9.   Prototype development, pilot production and small to    medium volume manufacturing services

Services offered

Following services offerd to the industry verticals mentioned in SLN’s  expertise areas

  • Board Design, Development & Manufacturing (High speed design, Mixed    signal design) from specification to tested board.
  • Board design & PCB design(input is specification and output is Gerber data)
  • PCB Design with Analysis(SI & Thermal)(Input is circuit/netlist and output  is Gerber data)
  • Board manufacture for customer Gerber data(prototype, Low & Medium Volumes)


SVME-7447A Motorola PowerPC 7447A based VME SBC