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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
Embedded Electronics

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  Embedded System Solutions

SLN is been serving customers for more than a decade providing embedded systems solutions to its industry verticals viz Defense & Aerospace, Industrial Automation,

Telecom & satellite, semiconductors, Automotive & consumer Electronics, SLN undertakes full life cycle product development. SLN has core strength to develop products from concept to end use. Most of the projects in SLN portfolio are turnkey Product development contracts

  • Design, Development & Manufacture of Embedded Systemsfor Defense, Aerospace, Industrial & Commercial       applications
  • Avionics LRUs (Solid State Flight Data Recorders)
  • VME, PCI, PXI & cPCI  bus based solutions.
  • Control Systems
  • Thermal Printers
  • Hand held Products
  • Custom built embedded products


  • Embedded Product Design & Development from concept to end use.
  • System Development based on combination of COTs and custom design modules/
  • Re-engineering & value engineering
  • Low & medium  volume manufacturing


Antenna Control Servo System for 32 mtr. DSN Antenna for Chandrayaan-1

Scope of the project

  •  System Design
  •  cPCI I/O Modules design & Fabrication
  •  Standard products procurement
  •  Device Drivers development on RTLinux and OS porting
  •  Integration & Testing
  •  Field  Installation & Commissioning
  •  Warranty Support

Antenna Control Servo System

Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) for   Su-30 Aircraft

Scope of the project

  •  System Design
  •  Hardware modules (CPU, Memory, Audio, Discrete, Communication, Analog, Back plane) design & Fabrication.
  •  Components & Standard Sub-systems procurement
  •  Enclosure design & Fabrication
  •  Device Drivers & Test Software development
  •  Integration & Testing
  •  Field  Qualification Tests (Functional, Environmental &   EMI/EMC)
  •  Warranty Support

Axis Control Card on 6U-cPCI for Antenna Control System

Data Acquisition Unit of SSFDR

VME Single Board Computer (SBC) based on PPC 7447A Processor