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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
Embedded Electronics
  Embedded Electronics & Solutions


  • Embedded product Design & Development from  concept to end use
  • System Development based on combination of COTs and custom design     modules/ Sub-systems
  • Re-engineering & Value engineering
  • Low & Medium volume manufacturing

Board Design Solutions


  1. Board Design, Development & manufacturing (High speed digital design, Mixed signal design) from specification to tested board.
  2. Board design & PCB design (Input is specification and output is Gerber data)
  3. PCB design with Analysis (SI & Thermal)(Input is circuit/netlist and output is Gerber data)
  4. Board Manufacture for customer Gerber data (prototype, Low & Medium Volumes)

Embedded software


  • Device driver development for Leading platform
  • Board support packages
  • Operating system porting ( Embedded Linux, RTLinux , VxWorks )
  • Firmware/BIOS Development (U-boot, Red boot, Thermal Receipt printer software, Antenna control system software)
  • Total Turnkey software solutions