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FINNSONIC Industrial Cleaning Applications

M Range Ultrasonic cleaner:

M Range bench top ultrasonic cleaning appliances are specially made for demanding professional use.

FinnSonic M Range offers you the right tools for precision cleaning.

Laboratories, optics, dentists, hospitals, Graphics, pharmaceutical and jewellery industry
Precision mechanics: hydraulics, vehicle repair
Process-, electronics and food industry.

M Industrial Range Ultrasonic:

Manage the cleanliness process with the easy to use FinnSonic V03 control system. Explore the flexible and affordable product range for maintenance and production.Modular MI Range is engineered for optimum cleaning result. The M Industrial ultrasonic stainless steel cleaning tanks are used as single-stage bench top units or as part of a fully integrated modular cleaning system.

New Features V03

  • 7-day timer
  • 3 memory slots for different treatment programs
  • Thermostat interlock
  • External control
  • Maximum temperature control

Wash and process optimization
The MI Range consists of five standard sizes with powerful ultrasonic for demanding cleaning. It offers a variety of modules with transducers located on the bottom or side of the tank.

The MI rinse tanks are used for removing detergent residues from cleaned parts. The dewatering tanks are made for non-heated dewatering fluids.

The MI hot air dryer dries even most complicated parts effectively.

Fluid handling
The MI fluid handling options help you to reach the required cleanliness level and to cut operating costs. The closed loop filtration and oil removal options increase the life of wash and rinse liquids whilst providing more consistent cleaning results.

Free oil can be removed from the wash liquid by a storage tank with oil separation system. A spray bar enables effective surface skimming to the overflow weir.

The MI range includes washing, rinsing and dewatering tanks, storage tanks, hot air dryers, filter units and platforms.

Versa+ Ultrasonic:

Versa+. The robust, small footprint ultrasonic cleaning system allows tanks to be placed side by side into a tight configuration. The New Stainless Steel design saves considerable space lengthwise compared to other solutions on the market. The service access door is located at the back of each unit, improving the serviceability. The tank units are fitted with adjustable feet and the ergonomically designed working height is set to 900 mm.

PT Easy Lift
The PT Easy Lift is designed to move loads up to 40 kgs. The vertical movement is carried out pneumatically and horizontal movement by hand. Maximum load is always defined according to the basket capacity.

The PT Easy Lift is available for all Versa+ models.

Fully automated transporter Versa+
The modular Versa+ takes a new approach for cases where small footprint and automation are essential. The fully automated TD-transporter is available for 10 or 20 kg´s loads to 40 and 80 litres models.

When looking for an automated cleaning line with short lead-time, flexibility and improved cost efficiency, the up-to-date solution is made from the FinnSonic Versa+ modules.


The FinnSonic Crystal is a new series of advanced and yet affordable parts cleanliness solutions.

These single or multi-stage machines are recommended for demanding precision cleaning in e.g. automotive, aviation and metal working industries.

The Crystal can be optimized with a number of great options.

Modular - Tailored processes
Individual production lines all have their own specific requirements for the optimum cleaning process. The Crystal includes all necessary features for making the process tailoring easy and reliable.

Developed Functional Features - Cleanliness tuned to details
The Crystal features all necessary tools and options to switch on your processes for clean results. Safe and environmentally friendly cleanliness means: always clean enough.

Expandable - Peak performance today and tomorrow
The new Crystal has got the ability to grow together with your company. Adding modules to existing cleaning line and attaching new features can be carried out along the way, hand in hand with the expansion of your production.

Solvent Cleaning Optisol:

Multi-stage single chamber solvent cleaning machines

Finnsonic Optisol solvent cleaning machines are designed for environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning and drying of basket goods, typically turned or milled bulk, contamined by oil and swarf.

Cleaning fluids are AIII class solvents such as hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, or chlorinated solvents such as perchlorethylene. All cleaning stages are performed under full vacuum assuring that no solvent escapes during operation. Solvent is continuously refreshed by distillation.

  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Consistent cleaning quality
  • Low running costs
  • Very low emissions due to vacuum technology
  • Small footprint
  • Safe and user friendly operation
Standard features include
  • Single treatment chamber with rotating frame
  • Cascaded solvent storage tanks
  • Solvent boiler
  • Solvent vapours condenser
  • Low temperature direct refigerator and cold trap
  • Mechanical vacuum pump (limit pressure <10 mbar)
  • Air blower
  • Full flow 150µ filter
  • Activated - carbon filter with automatic regeneration or chlorinated solvents
  • Integrated electric cabinet with Siemens PLC
  • All parts and pipes in contact with solvents are of stainless steel
  • Sight glasses for visual inspection of treatment chamber, boiler and solvent storage tanks
  • Full size safety tank under the machine
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