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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
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CO2 Lasers:

SLAB Laser Sealed-Off Laser

ROFIN delivers a broad range of CO2 lasers that reaches from sealed-off products up to multi-kW lasers in the power range from 30 to 8,000 W. Whether for cutting, welding, structuring, perforating, drilling or laser marking – the established CO2 lasers from ROFIN are always a good choice. Due to their high reliability, low maintenance efforts and an excellent beam quality, they are essential tools in production.

Solid State Lasers:

CW and Q-switched Laser Pulsed Rod Laser Disc Lasers

Either in rod or disc geometry: our solid-state lasers are always the best choice with its flexible beam guiding through optical fibers. Solid-state lasers have proved to be the ideal beam source for most marking applications. They are as well applied for cutting, welding, removing and drilling. ROFIN offers an extensive choice of CW-, pulsed and Q-switched solid-state lasers with a power range between 3 and 4000 W – in all cases the right laser for your application.

Fiber  Lasers:

FL Series Starfiber PowerLine F Series

Q-switched and cw mode fiber lasers with a power rate of only a few watts up to 2 KWatt allow cost-effective welding, cutting or marking of metal and plastic materials. Fiber lasers stand out due to their high efficiency and excellent beam quality

Diode Lasers:

DL-R Series DL-Q Series  

Special cooling and stacking techniques makes the production of high-power diode lasers possible, achieving the same power levels as conventional gas or solid-state lasers. By stacking several semiconductor laser bars to diode stacks, output powers of 1.5 kW per stack can be produced. The output power can even be increased to more than 3 kW by the combination of several stacks by means of wavelength resp. polarization coupling.

Diode lasers are extremely compact laser beam sources which are the perfect tool for applications like heat conduction welding, brazing and hardening.

UltraShort Pulse Lasers:

StarFemto Ps Laser  

Ultrashort pulse lasers which provide sufficient output power for industrial applications offer pulse lengths in the range from some 10 picoseconds to some 100 femtoseconds. Ultrashort pulses are shorter than the time needed for most energy diffusion processes within the atomic lattice. Therefore no heat is transferred to surrounding material which eliminates any unwanted material change. This is the reason why the method is referred to as 'cold'.

Lasers For Marking:

Best Marks
Solid state lasers cover a wide range of marking applications on various materials like different metals, plastics and composite materials. According to specific requirements different wavelengths, pumping and cooling technologies will be used. For organic materials like wood, paper or leather, certain polymers and glass sealed-off CO2 marking lasers will achieve the best results.

End Pumped Lasers Fiber lasers  
Transversally Pumped Lasers Co2 Lasers  
Lamp-Pumped Lasers    

General Catalog of Laser Marking Systems - Download

Systems & Solutions:

Laser Welding System Laser Cutting System Manual welding Laser
Laser Scribing System Laser Marking System Laser Perforation System
Laser Structuring System    

Laser technology, mechanical engineering, software and process development are the decisive key disciplines for product quality, functionality and cost-efficiency. Complete solutions from ROFIN are solutions from a single source.