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NIKKAN INDUSTRIES, with a history of more than 60 years, is an electronic material manufacturer that deals with a broad array of products ranging from electrical and electronic insulating materials to packaging materials.
 NIKKAN INDUSTRIES has been cultivating the core technologies of "coating", "laminating" and "layering" materials. Our basic stance is to respond to the technology demands of our customers. Always keeping our eyes on their future needs, we create products with new ideas and original technology development skills. And our business processes are always consistent with this "user-oriented" spirit. Product needs are changing at mind-boggling speed, and development cycles are getting shorter every year. In light of this background, we have prospective ideas, and we apply generous resources to technology development to turn these ideas into products. Technologies to serve customers' needs. Products to serve customers' needs. NIKKAN INDUSTRIES contributes to our society by creating valuable products that support the technical innovation of our customers.
Thin, Light – weight and Highly Flexible Internationally Recognized Quality
Materials For Flexible Printed Wiring Boards
NIKKAN was one of the first companies to focus on thin, light flexible wiring board suitable for lighter and smaller electronic devices, and became Japan’s first manufacturer to succeed in mass producing materials for flexible printed wiring boards. Since then teh excellent quality of our products has been recognized throughout the world.
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Copper Clad Laminates for Flexible Printed Wiring Boards

  • Polyester Film Base Copper Clad Laminate for Flexible Printed Wiring Boards F11VC1

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  • Polymide Film Base Copper Clad Laminate for Flexible Printed Circuits

F-30VC1 / F-30VC2
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F-50VC1 / F-50VC2
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  • Halogen free polymide film base copper clad laminate for Flexible Printed Circuits

F72VC1 / F72VC2
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F75VC1 / F75VC2
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F77VC1 / F77VC2
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Coverlay Film for Flexible Printed Wiring Boards

  • Polyester Film Based Coverlay Film for Flexible Printed Wiring Boards

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  • Polymide Film Base Coverlay

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  • Halogen free polymide film base coverlay

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Materials for Flexible Printed Wiring Boards

  • (Semicured) Adhesive Sheet

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  • (Semicured) Adhensive Sheet for Bonding Polymide Film Base FPC to Stiffener

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  • (Semicured) Halogen free Adhesive Sheet

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Copper Clad Laminates for Printed Wiring Boards
As electronic devices are advanced and became multifunctional, printed boards are increasingly required to have higher density  and more layers. Nikkan offers products that meets these requirements with the most advanced technologies.

Printed Circuit Board Materials/Electricity Insulation Board


Printed Circuit Board Materials for Multi-Layer PCB
Printed Circuit Board Materials for Multi-Layer PCB: Grade, Thickness and tolerance / Glass Fabric Base Material Epoxy Resin Prepreg for Multi-Layer PCB: Grade, Standard properties
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Epoxy Resin Copper Clad Laminate
Grade / Thickness and size / Standard specifications / Standard properties.
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Materials for halogen free printed wiring boards.
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UL authorization value / UL796CCIL authorization value.
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Epoxy Resin Electricity Insulation Board
Grade / Application / Thickness and size / Guarantee Value / Standard properties
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Specialized Materials / Electric Insulating Materials / Packaging Materials
Coating, covering, laminating NIKKAN expeditiously develops and offers not only existing insulating materials and packaging materials, but also those materials which respond to new market requirements including these needs.
Specialized Materials

  • Carrier Materials NIKAPLATE
  • Reflow Soldering Carrier Boards

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  • PCB Carrier Laminates

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  • Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Material
  • Conductive Tapes
  • Conductive Packing Materials
  • Thin Sheets
  • Precision Thin Silicon Rubber Sheet (TSF-670NK)

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  • Electrical Insulating Material  (Cloths/Tapes)
  • Interlaminar Insulator
  • Insulating Varnished Cloth and Tape FIBREX®

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  • Silicon Rubber Tape

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  • Thermosetting Material
  • Self-welding Silicon Rubber Glass Bias Tape

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  • Semi-conducting cloth (Tape)

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  • Heat-radiating Material

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  • Insulating Composite Materials

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  • NIKKAN Insulating Composite Materials

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Heat Resistant Wires
  • Insulation Tubes
Silicon Glass Tube
  • Flame-resistant Silicon Varnish Glass Tube
  • (S-692) See More :
    (S-693) See More : Silicon Rubber Tube Packaging Material
    Food Packaging Materials Construction Composite Materials / Other products