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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
PCB manufacturing
Artwork Preparation
Inner Layer Preparation
PCB Process
PCB Equipment (For Prototyping)
Ne-Cut Board Cutter
CNC Machine
Brushing Machine
Dry Film Laminator
Exposure Unit
Developing / Etching Machine
Galvanic Plating Machine
Multilayer Press
Waste Water Treatment
PCB Equipment
(Volume Production)
Shearing & Beveling
CNC - Drilling
Laser Drilling Machine
Reference Hole Drilling
CNC Double Column Drilling
Auto Guide Hole Punching
PCB Fixture Driling / Routing Machine
PWB Hole Analyzer /PWB Hole Tester
Scrubbing Machine
Electrolytic Plating (Pattern Plating)
Dry Film Lamination
Artwork Lamination
Photo Plotting
Photo Film Processing
Dry Film Exposure
Digital Direct Exposure
Dry Film Developer
DES Line (Developing / Etching / Stripping)
Surface Preparation
Solder Masking
Solder Mask Exposure
Solder Mask Developer
Hot Air Levelling
Legend Printing
CNC Routing
Board Washing
Electrical Testing
PCB Measuring Machine
PCB Final Inspection Machine
Image Processing system
Single spindle Drilling Machine With X-Ray
Single Spindle Drilling Machine With CCD Camera
Double Spindle Drilling Machine With CCD Camera
Double spindle Drilling Machine With X-Ray
Guide Hole Punching Machine for Felxible / Metal Board
Raw Material
Artwork Protect Film
UV Lamps
Measuring & Setting Equipment
Auto-Vision measuring system for dimension
Hi-speed position quality measuring for drill holes
Line Gauge
Point Gauge
Drill Diameter Measurement
Drill Repointing Machine
Ring Setting Machines
Pressure Vaccum Measurement
Run-out Indicator
  PCB Equipment (for Prototyping)

Ne-Cut Board Cutter
Ne-Cut was developed for cutting of PCBs (0-3 mm), Aluminum (0 ... more RFQ

CNC Machine

The Bungard CCD/ATC is a high quality Computer Controlled Dril ...more

Brushing Machine

A professional brushing machine designed for use in small series prod ...



Our Film Star is a small raster photo plotter designed for users who ...more


Dry Film Laminator

A professional brushing machine designed for use in small series prod ...more


Exposure Unit

High precision vacuum exposure unit especially designed for double si ...more


Developing / Etching Machine

L A professional spray etcher for high quality double sided PCBs. Can ...more


Galvanic Plating Machine

Professional equipment for laboratory prototyping of through-hole pla ...more


Multilayer Press

This high performance multilayer press was designed for PCB labs to e ...more


Waste Water Treatmentmore

The name IONEX stands for ION Exchanger, which is the very heart of t ...



  Goepel JTAG/Boundary scan software with intelligence
  Recovery, Repair, Recycle, Power off, Trouble Shooting Tools