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PCB manufacturing
Artwork Preparation
Inner Layer Preparation
PCB Process
PCB Equipment (For Prototyping)
Ne-Cut Board Cutter
CNC Machine
Brushing Machine
Dry Film Laminator
Exposure Unit
Developing / Etching Machine
Galvanic Plating Machine
Multilayer Press
Waste Water Treatment
PCB Equipment
(Volume Production)
V- Grooving
Vaccum Plasma System
Shearing & Beveling
CNC - Drilling
Laser Drilling Machine
Reference Hole Drilling
CNC Double Column Drilling
Auto Guide Hole Punching
PCB Fixture Driling / Routing Machine
PWB Hole Analyzer /PWB Hole Tester
Scrubbing Machine
Electrolytic Plating (Pattern Plating)
Dry Film Lamination
Artwork Lamination
Photo Plotting
Photo Film Processing
Dry Film Exposure
Digital Direct Exposure
Dry Film Developer
DES Line (Developing / Etching / Stripping)
Surface Preparation
Solder Masking
Solder Mask Exposure
Solder Mask Developer
Hot Air Levelling
Legend Printing
CNC Routing
Board Washing
Electrical Testing
PCB Measuring Machine
PCB Final Inspection Machine
Image Processing system
Single spindle Drilling Machine With X-Ray
Single Spindle Drilling Machine With CCD Camera
Double Spindle Drilling Machine With CCD Camera
Double spindle Drilling Machine With X-Ray
Guide Hole Punching Machine for Felxible / Metal Board
Raw Material
Artwork Protect Film
UV Lamps
Measuring & Setting Equipment
Auto-Vision measuring system for dimension
Hi-speed position quality measuring for drill holes
Line Gauge
Point Gauge
Drill Diameter Measurement
Drill Repointing Machine
Ring Setting Machines
Pressure Vaccum Measurement
Run-out Indicator
  PCB Manufacturing solutions

The Company...

SLN Technologies, incorporated in the year 1994, has grown to be one of the leaders in supplying PCB manufacturing equipment and raw material. We have the distinction of supplying the latest technology equipment to the Indian PCB industry. This has been possible through our 20 years of hands on experience in the PCB industry.


The Concept...

SLN is proud of its highly competitive, technically oriented people who are continually improving their knowledge and skills to meet the ever-changing demands of the PCB industry. Utilizing the best technologies available and along with excellent support from our Principals, SLN provides world class engineering solutions to customer requirement in a timely and very cost effective manner.


The Commitment...

We are a Customer oriented company aiming to provide 100% satisfaction to both our external and internal customers. Our motto is to achieve excellence on all fronts. SLN has placed on site service engineers to ensure the maximum up time of the equipment and fastest response time.


Corporate Office

No. 1, Horizon Building, 3rd Floor, Pai Layout,
Old Madras Road, Dooravaninagar Post, Bengaluru-560 016.

Phone : +91-80-4171 8881
+91-80-4171 8882
Fax : +91 80 41718883
Email :
Contact Details
Mr. Anil Kumar - Director
Email :
D.R. Subramanyam – Director
Email :
For any enquiries please drop a mail to




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