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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
RFID & Biometric Solutions


Parlex Electronic Security Identification & Smartcard Products:

SLN Technnologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of equipment and state-of-the artcomponents to Electronics manufacturing Services and Electronics Industries. We are glad to
introduce Electronic Security, Identification & Smartcard Products from our business partner"Patles", a Johnson Electric Company from USA. Parlex offers world-class design, prototyping, contract manufacturing and value added asembly for flexible printed circuits and flat flesible cables. Many fortune 500 companies trust Parlex to help develop and manufacture their most demanding new products. Parlex products include contact less and Samrt Card applications in a wide range of markets includir banking,telecommunication, transport, electronic passport, asset tracking & brand protection by usingParlex SMART TAPW(R) Roll-to-Roll FPC or standard processes.

Polymer Thick Film (PTF) Circuits:  

Polymer Thick Film (PTF) flexible cicuits are manufactured by screen-pringing conductive inksonto flexible substrates such as PET. Parlex can produce multilayer as an insulating layer. Our proprietary through-hole technologies also permit the use of double sided printing to furtheroptimize space and assembly cost.

SMART TAPE (R) Roll to Roll FPC:  

SMART TAPE (R) Roll to Roll Semi-Additive Copper FPC employs Parlex exclusive custom builtequipment to make superior cost effective circuits for SMART CARDS RFID. cell phone and a host of other high volume applications. SMART TAPE (R) Roll to Roll Semi-Additive Copper FPC is the ideal subsstrate for SMART CARD assembly or RFID tags and small tntennas. SMART TAPE (R) Roll-to-Roll Additive Copper FPC employs environmentally friendly high spped printing technology to make superior., cost effective circuits for RFID, cell phone antennas,automative circuitry and a host of other high volume applications.

Single and Double Sided Etched Copper FPC:  

Parlex specializes in the design and manufacture of both single sided and double-sided etchedcopper flexible printed circuits (FPCs) These are used in automobiles, computers, office equipment, telecommunication equipment,measurment devices, Industrial controls and a wide range of conumer electronics.

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable:


As an innovative leader in the productgion of laminated flat flexible cables (FPC). ParlexCorporation brings years of expertise and experience to a wide range of uses. Laminatedf FFC provice cost effective, superior reliability solution in dynamice flex and serviceloop applications.

These are mainly used in automotive elecommunications, medical, consumer electronics and other industry sectors.

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