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SLN receives National Award from Government of India for R&D for the year 2008
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Laser Systems


Engraving Machine
Software Feature

  • Powerful modules dedicated to 2D,2.5D and 3D CAD/CAM
  • User-friendly and ergonomic interface
  • All kinds of composition possible (texts, logos, bitmaps, symbols..)
  • Numerous import and export formats (DXF, IGFS, etc.)
  • Assisted nesting module
  • Projection and wrapping of an object on a surface
  • Automatic creation of male and female pieces
  • Data setting for tool creation
  • Contextual help available for all functions
  • Annual updates

Materials Applicable


- Acrylic
- Routing PCB
- Wood
- Plywood
- Silver

- Brass
- Steel
- Polycarbonate
- Copper
- Gold

Laser Ablation

Zero queue time by Double carrier concept
Dust suction by vacuum and ionized air blow  
Precise alignment before ablation
Inline capability design.
Dual Laser beam with high removing rate
PLC base controller
positioning by servo motor encoder
ball screw driven with hard stop and software protection
Easy maintenance by graphic display diagnostics checking

Material applicable
Mono polycrystalline
Solar Cells
Ablation, Edge Isolation,
Marking, Drilling, Cutting 

Laser cutting DB 12 * 8

Post processing software with standard G-code
Beam correction for better cutting curves width
Geanite table with linear servo motor to achieves high accuracy
Good beam profile by Rofin Laser
PC base controller

Technical Offer
Accuracy +/-0.010 mm.
working area(XYZ) 1200x800x75 mm.
Table size 1600x1400x1521 mm.
Maximum speed (dry run) 1500 mm/sec.

Laser Plotter

Reliable laser source from ROFIN,
available CO2 laser power:100,200,300,600 WATT)Compact design
Easy operations interfaces BY PC BASED CONTROLLER
many file format acceptable: dfx, hptl, ..... and gray scale
Fast speed with accuracy by servo motor encoder
Fine focus module for excellent cutting curve / width control
built in Smoke and dust suction system
Belt driven linear transmission with dust seal
convenient maintenance

Metals, Fabrics, Woods, Plastics, Acrylics, etc.

Laser Soldering


Feature :
Short Queue time by  double carries concept
High - out put, Flexible
Real time and closed loop feed back for processing temperatures
Automatic wire feeder by stepping  motor

Option :
-Multi plane by tilting carrier for all angle
Vision pattern recognization Application :
Plastic welding

Machine Specification :
Max speed 1000 mm/sec
Que time 100 milli-sec
Carrier indexing stroke 0-780mm.
Accuracy +/- 0.020 mm
Machine dimension WLH : 1700x1710x1480
Z-axis stroke : 250 mm

Laser 3D Engineering

Laser Engraving with 3D Type3 Programing.
3D software

LaserCut LC 1224

Features :
 Reliable laser source from ROFIN,
 Available CO2 laser power:100,200,300,600 WATT)Compact design
 Easy operations interfaces BY PC BASED CONTROLLER
 many file format acceptable: dfx, hptl, ..... and gray scale
 Fast speed with accuracy by servo motor encoder
 Fine focus module for excellent cutting curve / width control
 Positioning by servo motor with encoder
 High accuracy linear encoder ensuring total positioning
 Ball screw driven linear transmission with dust seal
 Convenient maintenance

Technical Data
 Working area : 1200 x 2400 mm
 Machine dimensions : 2330 x 5840 x 2240 (WxLxH)  
 Repeatability : +/- 0.05 mm   
 Maximum speed : 500 mm/sec 

PCBA Marking System

laser Marking cell
2D reader
Loader  on PCBA rack
Unloader for PCBA rack
Digital scanner

WaterJet Cutting GEN4*8-2

Specification :
Dimension Table Size W,L,H :   2000x3850x1780 mm
Cutting Area X,Y,Z  :   2400x1200x230 mm
Drive Motor X,Y,Z  :   Linear  Servo Motor
Accuracy X,Y  :   +/- 0.007  Z+/-0.015
Resolution  :   +/- 0.001 mm
Servo Driver  :   X,Y Copley -Z Mitsubishi
Motion Control System :   Delta Tau PMAC2-VME
Electrical   :   380VAC 3P / N / PE 50/60 Hz