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SECO Products

SPPC12 - Panel PC  

The new SECO panel SPPC 12 is designed specifically for high level industrial applications where reliability, low power, long term availability and competitive price are a must. Based on ETX architecture mount an Intel® Celeron® M processor at 800MHz it integrates in only one product all standard functions of a normal PC including a bright LCD TFT display with optional touch-screen, 4 serials, 1 parallel, 4 USB, Ethernet, Mini PCI socket on board for Wi-Fi cards, IDE Flash Disk (up to 2GB ), PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, VGA connector, Audio In/Out ports, optional 2.5” Hard Disk.

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Ellipse 12 Integrated LCD PC  

The Ellipse 12 is an All-In-One LCD PC based on an embedded PC architecture which mounts a Celeron® M Processor at 800MHz. As integrated LCD PC, Ellipse 12 can be used as stand-alone PC or Networking Terminal. It integrates a 12.1" TFT display with 800x600 resolution  16.8 mil. colors, allowing an extended visual area and with the option of Touch Screen it is suitable for any kind of  interactive applications. With up to 1GB of System DRAM and 256 Kbytes Cache, ELLIPSE 12 supports the most common Operating Systems: Windows XP and Linux.

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IDE Flash Disks  

The MFD2 series IDE Flash Disk is a storage device based on HYPERSTONE F2-16XN NAND type Flash controller. The module is fully compatible with IDE ATA standard interface, 44 pins connector. The MFD is free of firmware driver and it works like a normal Hard Disk Drive.

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M543R PC104 AMD Elan™

The M543R module is based on the high performances CPU ELAN™ SC520 from AMD (486 at 32 bits) 133 MHz. The module supports 32 MB or 64 MB DRAM directly soldered on- board. Optionally is available a memory chip for the error correction (ECC) management. It integrates some peripherals commonly used in standard PC applications, as Ethernet Controller 10/100baseT, 4 serials, 1 parallel, floppy and hard disk controller, socket for Solid State Disk, keyboard. The module needs only a + 5VDC supply. It can be used as stand-alone or in a PC/104 stack.

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M706R EPIC™ Celeron® M e Pentium® M  

The M706R is the SECO EPIC™ board with Intel® Celeron® M and Pentium® M processors, Intel® 855GME / ICH4 chipset and 2/3 D Graphic Controller, supporting AGP4x interface. This board integrates many features for the most demanding applications. So, on the fronplate there are 2 serial ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2x 10/100BaseT and 1x 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet ports (1000BaseT optional), 1 parallel, 1 DVI and 1 CRT connector. There is also a slot for the increasingly used Compact Flash and the possibility to use 15 GPIOs. This all, added with the possibility of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion boards, offers a very performing solution for many embedded applications.

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ETX™ Intel® Celeron® M and Pentium® M CPU  

The M671R is a new ETX™ CPU module designed by SECO, paying attention to customers requiring very high performances. The module is based on the Pentium® M CPU up to 1.8 GHz frequency, with Chipset Intel® 855GME (Intel® 852GME on the CM 600 MHz version) and front side bus at 400 MHz. The chipset has an integrated 2D/3D graphic controller, supporting AGP4x interface. An important feature in this module is the LVDS interface at 18bit Single and Dual Channel. The module integrates also Audio, Ultra-ATA/100 IDE interface, 1 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Full modem serial ports, 1 standard parallel, keyboard/mouse controllers, Real Time Clock and Watch Dog Timer. The ETX™ module is connected to the rest of the embedded system through 4 high density connectors that carry both ISA and PCI bus signals to a motherboard, where I/O connectors are placed, according to the customer requirements.

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Compact Flash IDE Adapter  

C527R is a compact module that allows the use of Compact Flash Cards with any board with a 2.5" IDE connector available. For the connection, only a 44 poles flat cable is needed. Power supply to the board is given directly through this flat cable (like for 2.5" standard HDD). It doesn't require software drivers, Compact Flash are managed like standard Hard Disk Driver.
Both Type I and Type II Compact Flash Cards, at +3.3 VDC or +5VDC voltage, are supported

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PC/104 Digital I/O Module  

The E497R is a PC/104-format digital I/O module available in two configurations: 48 I/O TTL channels and 16 High-Current Outputs and 16 Optoinsulated Inputs. Both configurations contain two 82C55 ICs, each having three 8-bits software configurable I/O ports. Each 82C55 has its own 50-pin I/O header for external connections. The ports direction can be selected by programming control registers built into the 82C55 chip. The I/O headers are organized to allow direct interfacing to OPTO-22 standard.

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