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SONY Cellular Mounters

Model:SI-G200 (AA)/(BB)

SI-G200 High-speed head

  • Placement tact time:0.08sec/2 heads/movable(45,000CPH)
  • Placement precision:45μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)
  • Component size ranges:0402 up to a 12mm square(movable camera), 6mm to 25mm square(fixed camera)
  • Component height:6mm

SI-G200 Multifunction head

  • Placement tact time:0.16sec/2 heads(22,500CPH)
  • Placement precision:50μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)(individual recognition), 60μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)(collective recognition)
  • Component size ranges:1005 chip to 100mm x 50mm

Model: SI-F130(AI)/(WK)

The Planet Head offers not only reflective part recognition, but transmission part recognition as well. These two recognition modes enable a cellular mounter to handle a wider range of parts, assuring you the capability to accommodate more diverse part sizes and high-density mounting.

  • Placement tact time:25,000CPH
  • Placement precision:50μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)
  • Component size ranges:0402(chip) up to a 12mm square(movable camera), 6mm to 25mm square(fixed camera/option)
  • Component height:6mm
  • Demension:1,220(W)mm x 1,400(D)mm x 1,434(H)mm

Model: SI-F209/(WK)

The cellular mounter is only 1.2 m wide, while supporting a PWB size as large as 460 mm × 360 mm. It offers the highest level of space efficiency.

  • Placement tact time: 7,350CPH(0.49sec/movable camera)2,500CPH(1.4sec/fixed camera)
  • Placement precision: ±0.06mm (chip)
  • Component size: 2012-□32mm(movable camera/reflective imaging)/2012-□19mm(movable camera/transmissive imaging) 2012-□18mm (fixed camera/reflective imaging) □18-□43mm(fixed camera/reflective imaging,medium view range,batch) -φ150mm(fixed camera reflective, medium, large view range, division into 4)
  • thickness:Max.25mm
  • External dimentions: 1,220(W)mm x 1,700(D)mm x 1,524(H)mm