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SONY Video Microscope

Sony's TECHNOLOOK is the ideal video microscope for viewing microscopic three-dimensional objects including millimeter size small objects and small tissues those are hard to view even with an optical microscope. With 45 degree left and right swiveling and a 48.5 degree viewing angle from above, TECHNOLOOK allows you to view your object in a natural line-of-sight. The special designed rigid arm minimizes shaking when the camera is swiveled.


Vertical Viewing (Top-View Observation)

Multi Angle Adapter bends the micro-zoom optical path. It makes possible vertical viewing even though the lens is installed tilted position.


Horizontal Viewing (Semi-Side-View Observation)

By positioning the end of the adapter in bottom, the view angle becomes horizontal.


"Variety viewing angle" by the rotating action

The mirrors are installed on the Rotor and its rotation axis is same to the optical axis of the lens. The rotating action delivers variety viewing angle from vertical to horizontal.

Image magnification
(10.4" display)
Approx. 4.3x~43x Approx. 12.0x~120x Approx. 21.1x~211x
Vertical view length Approx. 49~4.9mm Approx. 18~1.8mm Approx. 10~1.0mm
Working distance 155mm 80mm
Dimension 287mm(W) x 445mm(D) x 481mm(H) 287mm(W) x 455mm(D) x 481mm(H) 287mm(W) x 445mm(D) x 481mm(H)
Recording media CF card(TYPE 1)
Camera 1/4" type Super HAD CCD. 410,000 pixels. 30 frames/sec