SLN Technologies specializes in the area of design, development and manufacture of embedded systems and solutions in various industry segments. This encompasses the complete range of solutions for areas like Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation/Process control, and communication and control systems. With a unique blend of engineering skills and high-end software expertise SLN brings the following business verticles.

SLN Technologies is a top-tier embedded system product engineering and turn-key Solutions company with a track record of over a decade serving defense & Aerospace, Industrial Automation, Telecom & Satellite, Semiconductors, Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries.

SLN Undertakes full life cycle hardware engineering, embedded software, product engineering and turn-key solutions.

SLN has developed strong  processes which enables providing cost effective services
Meeting time to market requirement of customers.

Innovation is one of the core value at SLN. SLN is providing innovative products and services to its customers.

Major business of SLN comes from its customers in the form of repeat business which is a reward for SLN’S committed services and its long term relationship with customers.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India along with design centre and manufacturing facility and offices across the country in few major cities.

Certifications / Registrations

  1.  ISO 9001:2000 certification since 2002
  2.  Recognized in-house R&D Unit by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India
  3.   Approved Design house  from Centre for Military  Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC), DoD, India
  4.  Approval for Design & Testing  From Directorate General Of  Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA), DoD, India
  5.   Registered Vendor  for DRDO, DAE, HAL

Customer Profile

  1. DRDO Organizations (ADA, ADE, ANURAG, LRDE, CVRDE, NPOL)
  2. DAE Organisations (BARC, IGCAR-Kalpakkam) Department of Space Organizations (ISAC, LPSC, ISTRAC, MCF)
  3. Public sector Units (ECIL, BEL, HAL)


  • Embedded product Design & Development from  concept to end use
  • System Development based on combination of COTs and custom design     modules/ Sub-systems
  • Re-engineering & Value engineering
  • Low & Medium volume manufacturing

Board Design Solutions


  1. Board Design, Development & manufacturing (High speed digital design, Mixed signal design) from specification to tested board.
  2. Board design & PCB design (Input is specification and output is Gerber data)
  3. PCB design with Analysis (SI & Thermal)(Input is circuit/netlist and output is Gerber data)
  4. Board Manufacture for customer Gerber data (prototype, Low & Medium Volumes)

Embedded software


  • Device driver development for Leading platform
  • Board support packages
  • Operating system porting ( Embedded Linux, RTLinux , VxWorks )
  • Firmware/BIOS Development (U-boot, Red boot, Thermal Receipt printer software, Antenna control system software)
  • Total Turnkey software solutions

SLN is been serving customers for more than a decade providing embedded systems solutions to its industry verticals viz Defense & Aerospace, Industrial Automation,

Telecom & satellite, semiconductors, Automotive & consumer Electronics, SLN undertakes full life cycle product development. SLN has core strength to develop products from concept to end use. Most of the projects in SLN portfolio are turnkey Product development contracts

  1. Design, Development & Manufacture of Embedded Systemsfor Defense, Aerospace, Industrial & Commercial       applications
  2. Avionics LRUs (Solid State Flight Data Recorders)
  3. VME, PCI, PXI & cPCI  bus based solutions.
  4. Control Systems
  5. Thermal Printers
  6. Hand held Products
  7. Custom built embedded products


  1. Embedded Product Design & Development from concept to end use.
  2. System Development based on combination of COTs and custom design modules/
  3. Re-engineering & value engineering
  4. Low & medium  volume manufacturing



Antenna Control Servo System for 32 mtr. DSN Antenna for Chandrayaan-1

Scope of the project

  1.  System Design
  2.  cPCI I/O Modules design & Fabrication
  3.  Standard products procurement
  4.  Device Drivers development on RTLinux and OS porting
  5.  Integration & Testing
  6.  Field  Installation & Commissioning
  7.  Warranty Support

Antenna Control Servo System

Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) for   Su-30 Aircraft

Scope of the project

  1.  System Design
  2.  Hardware modules (CPU, Memory, Audio, Discrete, Communication, Analog, Back plane) design & Fabrication.
  3.  Components & Standard Sub-systems procurement
  4.  Enclosure design & Fabrication
  5.  Device Drivers & Test Software development
  6.  Integration & Testing
  7.  Field  Qualification Tests (Functional, Environmental &   EMI/EMC)
  8.  Warranty Support

Axis Control Card on 6U-cPCI for Antenna Control System

Data Acquisition Unit of SSFDR

VME Single Board Computer (SBC) based on PPC 7447A Processor

Embedded Software

  1. Device drivers development on leading platforms– MS windows, embedded Linux, RT linux, VxWorks  .
  2. BSPs (Board Support Packages) for various micro controller and microprocessor families.
  3. OS porting – RTLinux, VxWorks.
  4. Firmware development for 8/16/32 bit micro controllers/DSPs.
  5. Total turnkey software solutions.

SLN has unique advantage for developing embedded software because of our expertise on developing embedded systems. We have strong skills & expertise on microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP architectures, communication interfaces, Industrial I/O and application knowledge.

We have strong process knowledge apart from technical skills and passion to contribute to customer’s success. Our standard compliance make it easy to integrate our software With customer systems. Reliability is the key in our product/service range as most of products go for very critical application.

DOD-STD 2167A, MIL-STD-498, DO-178B, IEEE 12207


  • Device Driver Development for leading platforms
  • Board support packages
  • Operating Systems porting(Embedded Linux, RTLinux, VxWorks)
  • Firmware/bios Development(U-boot, Red bot Thermal Receipt printer software Antenna control software)
  • Total Turnkey software solution


Major Software Projects Implemented:

  • Thermal receipt printer firmware which will emulate ESC/POS standard
  • U-boot porting and Linux BSP and LSP developed for custom VME based Single board computer.
  • Antenna control firmware for midrange antenna control system and RTLinux driver under cPCI   platform for large antenna(32m DSN)  diameter  for chandrayaan project.
  • Solid state flight data recorder Hardware qualification software.
  • Flight test instrumentation software on VxWorks for cPCI platform.

System Development Process

Board Design Solutions

SLN offers board design solutions to the industry verticals SLN is serving and in particular to semiconductor design/manufacturing customers. It ranges from FPGA Boards to test RTL, Application Engineering Test boards for testing IC prototypes, EVMs (Evaluation modules) and reference boards.

SLN offers total end to end solutions from specification to tested final board which includes circuit design, PCB design, PCB fabrication, components procurement, Component assembly and testing.

We provide complete manufacturing documents suitable for EMS companies for Volume production.

Board Design Solutions Expertise

  1. Total solution from specification to final board     (Circuit design, CAD, PCB, Components Procurement,   Assembly and testing).
  2.   High speed board design as per customers’ requirements.
  3.   Designs meeting various industry standards.
  4.   8/16/32 Bit Micro controllers / Micro Processors / DSP/   FPGA/ CPLD/ PowerPC based boards.
  5.   Bus architectures – PCI, cPCI, VME.
  6.   Analog, Digital and Mixed signal designs.
  7.   Up to 16 layer PCBs.
  8.   Commercial, Industrial, and MIL grade (conduction cooled)    boards.
  9.   Prototype development, pilot production and small to    medium volume manufacturing services

Services offered 

Following services offerd to the industry verticals mentioned in SLN’s  expertise areas

  • Board Design, Development & Manufacturing (High speed design, Mixed    signal design) from specification to tested board.
  • Board design & PCB design(input is specification and output is Gerber data)
  • PCB Design with Analysis(SI & Thermal)(Input is circuit/netlist and output  is Gerber data)
  • Board manufacture for customer Gerber data(prototype, Low & Medium Volumes)


    SVME-7447A Motorola PowerPC 7447A based VME SBC